Guy Hands’ View

1 December 2020

The Hands Lecture 2020 with Lord Hague: Western Democracy: the next 20 years

Lord William Hague of Richmond in conversation with Mansfield Principal, Helen Mountfield QC, on the state of Western democracies at the annual Hands Lecture: the threats we face, what we might expect from the next 20 years, and what can be done to protect democracy in the face of multiple global crises. Watch it here.

The Hands Lecture is a major annual event for Mansfield, when we invite a leading figure from the world of politics or current affairs to speak at the College, in line with our objective of opening up our diverse academic community to the world. The lecture has been founded by leading supporters of Mansfield, alumnus Guy Hands (PPE, 1978) and his wife Julia Hands MBE.

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