Guy Hands’ View

22 January 2018

‘Elites Are Out of Touch’: Guy’s Interview on CNBC

Guy Hands challenges the global elite to recognise the disconnect between themselves and young people today and shares his views on the outlook for Europe.

Watch the full interview here: Read more.

28 February 2017

Channel Island immigration policies offer contrasting visions of post-Brexit Britain

With the Commons vote won and Article 50 set to be triggered, attention is now turning to the hard negotiations ahead and their impact on future prosperity. Read more.

17 November 2016

Compromise is Not a Dirty Word. Donald Trump and the UK Government Must Recognise This.

With the election of Donald Trump to the White House, we have now experienced political earthquakes on both sides of the Atlantic. Trump’s triumph and the UK’s Brexit vote confirm we have moved into a new and much more uncertain political era. Read more.

22 March 2016

Change May Define Today, But What Makes Individuals and Societies Successful Stays the Same

Wherever we are, whatever field we are in today, it is change which is the unifying theme. It is both its pace and all-encompassing nature which shapes our lives, opportunities and challenges more than ever before. Read more.

4 March 2016

Why Leicester City and Donald Trump should worry the Tories

I can’t imagine Claudio Ranieri, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn have often found themselves grouped together in the same sentence. But the unlikely trio should give the Conservative Party plenty of food for thought. Read more.

From airport expansion to energy policy, our politicians are shirking the big decisions – and it’s partly our fault

It was good to see City A.M. taking aim last month at the absence of long-term planning over energy policy. It is – and has been – an unholy mess for a long time with serious consequences for the economy and country. Read more.

13 January 2016

Alignment between GPs and LPs is at a low ebb

To consider where the global private equity industry is at the end of 2015, we need to consider where it started. The industry began back in the 1970s, when club deals went on to become the first private equity funds of the 1980s. In those days, deals were backed by a small number of investors, and the GPs typically invested a substantial amount of their own money in the funds. There was an almost perfect alignment of interest between GPs and LPs. Read more.

10 November 2015

Care homes are struggling – Osborne must act to protect the vulnerable

In 2012 Terra Firma [the private equity firm of which Guy Hands is founder and chairman] purchased Four Seasons Healthcare, the UK’s largest care home operator. The debate over the future of care for the elderly in Britain is a subject about which I feel passionately. It is not just an economic issue but also an issue as to where the UK wants to go with regard to providing care for some of the most vulnerable people in society. Read more.

17 July 2015

Individual need must be the focus of elderly care

The increase in life expectancy highlights the need for better elderly care. Even as the debate between domiciliary and residential care continues, it is evident that the existing divide between health and social care needs to be replaced, argues Guy Hands.

The NHS, as always, was a major battleground during the election. But while there were plenty of angry clashes and big promises over funding, almost no attention was given to the crisis in social care.

Yet how our growing elderly population is supported is not just one of the most serious challenges facing the country but at the heart of the NHS’s problems. Read more.

22 June 2015

Defence Spending Will Have to Be Increased to Contain a Resurgent Russia

The announcement that another £500 million is to be saved this year from the UK’s defence budget has raised fresh question marks over whether Britain will meet its pledge to spend two per cent of GDP on defence. It’s an embarrassment for David Cameron because only last year he called on fellow NATO leaders to join Britain in meeting the goal – something only three other countries out of the 29 members were achieving. Read more.