Terra Firma Senior Team


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    Guy Hands

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    Justin King

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    Vivek Ahuja

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    Paul Spillane

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    Robin Boehringer

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    Andrew Miller

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    David Browne

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    Mark Elliott

Robin Boehringer


Robin joined Terra Firma in 2009 and has extensive experience in operational real estate and infrastructure.

Robin has worked on a number of Terra Firma’s portfolio businesses including AWAS, Deutsche Annington and Tank & Rast.

Robin was involved in the refinancing, IPO and final exit of Deutsche Annington, the refinancing of Tank & Rast and the sale of AWAS’ SkyFin portfolio. In 2015, Robin led the exit of Terra Firma’s award-winning investment in Tank & Rast, and in 2017, the sale of AWAS.

Robin currently serves on the board of Welcome Hotels, and previously served on the boards of AWAS, Tank & Rast and Four Seasons Health Care.

Prior to joining Terra Firma, Robin worked in M&A at Credit Suisse.

Robin has a Master’s in Financial Economics from Oxford University, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen.

Robin speaks German and English. Robin is married with two children. He is also a keen football player.