Transformational Private Equity

We aim to create long-term value by transforming businesses

We acquire asset-backed businesses that can be transformed through fundamental change. As a private equity firm, we aim to create long-term value by building better businesses away from the pressures of the public markets. We search for opportunities which have been overlooked and we seek out investments in sectors which may be out of favour and in businesses which have been under-managed or under-capitalised. 

Through a combination of strategic change, improved management and sustained investment, we transform businesses, creating value for our stakeholders. 

Current Investments

Terra Firma's current portfolio businesses span a range of sectors, from aircraft leasing to cinemas to garden centres. We look for businesses across a range of sectors where we see the opportunity for change.

CPC is the second largest beef producer in Australia. The business owns a portfolio of cattle stations and feedlots with capacity for 400,000 head of cattle across 5.5 million hectares of land.

Four Seasons Health Care is the UK's largest independent elderly and specialist care provider with close to 400 locations across the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. The business ranks among the highest-rated providers for quality of care and leads the sector in the development of special services for residents with higher-dependency needs.

Wyevale Garden Centres is the largest plant and garden-focused retailer in the UK. The business generates revenue in three key ways: the sale of gardening and associated retail product offerings; on-site restaurants; and lease income from sub-letting space to third-party retailers.

"We buy sustainable, asset-rich businesses and create value through fundamental change."

Guy Hands


Transformational private equity deals done over Terra Firma's history