Employee training and development

We ensure our staff have the skills they need to create value in our businesses

Our training and development programme is designed to ensure that our people have the skills they need to help our business achieve its strategic goals. As part of their induction programme, all new analysts spend substantial time with the firm's senior executives to ensure they have a good understanding of Terra Firma and how it operates. The nature of the professional training within Terra Firma is broad, depends on the development needs of the individual and can include both technical and soft-skills based training.

We encourage our staff to take responsibility for their own personal and professional development. That development can take many forms such as on-the-job coaching, counselling and job enrichment, as well as formal training programmes, courses and professional qualifications. Our sponsorship programme helps those wishing to gain recognised professional qualifications and Terra Firma has a policy of supporting employees in pursuing qualifications that help their work and career development.

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Milly Cooke (Analyst)

"To borrow a Darwinism, it won't be the biggest and fittest who survive and prosper, but those who are most adaptable"

Guy Hands, Deutsche Bank Conference, Barcelona