The Terra Firma Charitable Trust has committed about £4.5 million to charitable organisations working in and for our local community

We promote direct engagement with our neighbouring community and encourage equally active engagement on the part of our portfolio businesses.

TFCPL is fully committed to supporting its local community of Southwark in central London. The business donates ten per cent of its annual pre-tax profits to charity. This is divided between Impetus, of which Terra Firma is a founding member, and the Terra Firma Charitable Trust. Impetus transforms the lives of children and young people living in poverty by ensuring they get the support they need to succeed in education, to find and keep jobs, and to achieve their potential.

Since 2010 our Guernsey business has supported a number of local initiatives designed to improve the lives of the residents with a specific focus on children and health.

Terra Firma is committed to enabling the success of our female colleagues as well as women in the wider private equity industry. We are proud to support not-for-profit organisation Level 20, which aims to inspire women to join and succeed in private equity and deliver greater representation for women at all levels of the industry. 

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Robin Boehringer (Partner)

"Far from removing the urgency for private equity to work better with the wider community, the credit crunch has increased the need for us to work with the world at large and provide value to all stakeholders"

Guy Hands, Paris Super Investor Conference