Responsible Investment Policy

Responsible Business

Terra Firma adheres to the highest standards of business conduct, acting as a responsible investor, operator, counterparty and employer.

We adhere to the laws, regulations and practices of all countries in which we operate.

We aim to make a positive contribution to our local community, to encourage diversity in, and the development of, our people, and to mitigate the environmental impact of our own operations.

Responsible Investing

Terra Firma is committed to creating high quality businesses in order to generate value for our investors and other stakeholders.

We will always align our interests with those of our investors.

We will operate with industry-leading standards of transparency.

We are proud to be signatories of the PRI, to endorse the ILPA Principles 2.0, the BVCA’s Code of Conduct, and Invest Europe’s Code of Conduct.

Our Responsible Investing policy is managed by a Sustainability Committee, and we will continue to review and develop our approach to Responsible Investing.

Investment Decisions

We have a rigorous investment review process, and we consider all relevant risks including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as well as financial and commercial factors, and we do not invest where we believe that risks cannot be managed to an appropriate level.

We will not invest in businesses which involve the use of exploitative labour practices, such as forced or child labour.

We will respect the wishes of Limited Partners who do not wish to invest in specific sectors.

Portfolio Management

We are an active manager, and we work very closely with our businesses to maximise value for our stakeholders.

We adopt high-quality governance and reporting structures in all of our businesses.

We ensure that our businesses have suitable resources, policies and processes in place in order to meet our investment objectives and to operate in accordance with Terra Firma’s high standards of conduct.

We work with our businesses in managing business risks, including ESG risks.

We work with our businesses in developing high standards of transparency and reporting.

We encourage our businesses to make a positive contribution to their communities and to mitigate their impact on the environment.