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Terra Firma manages and/or advises the following investment funds: 

  • Terra Firma Capital Partners I – The fund comprised assets acquired between 1994 and 2002, and is now fully realised. Nomura International plc was the sole equity investor in the portfolio.

  • Terra Firma Capital Partners II – TFCP II was closed in February 2004, raising a total of €2.1 billion. It is currently managing investments on behalf of 62 investors from 20 countries. The fund was established to follow Terra Firma’s strategy of making control investments in asset- or cash flow-rich companies in complex and often regulated sectors, principally in Europe.

  • Terra Firma Capital Partners III – TFCP III was closed in May 2007, raising a total of €5.4 billion. It is currently managing investments on behalf of 150 investors from 26 countries. The fund follows the same investment strategy as TFCP II.

  • Terra Firma Deutsche Annington – TFDA was established in 2006 and held Terra Firma’s investment in German housing investment, in Deutsche Annington Immobilien Group. Terra Firma raised €2.1 billion‎ through TFDA in order to buy Deutsche Annington, along with CPI, from TFCPI. In 2013, Deutsche Annington completed an IPO and began trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In May 2014, with Terra Firma’s ownership of Deutsche Annington at 67.3%, TFDA distributed its Deutsche Annington shares to the TFDA investors.

  • Terra Firma Special Opportunities Fund I and Terra Firma Special Opportunities Fund II - TFSOFI closed in December 2012 and is a single asset fund raised to acquire Annington Homes from Nomura. TFSOFI raised a total of £470 million from investors around the world, both institutional and private. In 2017, we raised TFSOFII, a £500 million fund, to further support Annington’s growth strategy.

Anthony D'Souza (Investor Relations Director)


Current funds under management