Guy Hands’ View

8 May 2012

Reaching a gigawatt

Today’s acquisition of a further three wind farms for Infinis means that Terra Firma now has over 1000 MW of operating capacity in place across its three renewable energy businesses.

This is a big milestone and reflects both the importance we attach to renewables and the experience that we have picked up along the way; that experience is shared actively between Infinis in the UK, EverPower in the US, and RTR in Italy.

This is still a young and dynamic sector, with a diversity of participants. They are attracted by the need to reduce mankind’s reliance on fossil fuels and the excitement of pioneering new technology.

New technology has its appeal, but it carries risk. Early on, we decided that we would focus on reliable, commercially-proven technologies that could be scaled-up at lower risk.  For us, the interest lies in how to manage a large number of renewable power generating assets efficiently. It takes a lot of them to produce a gigawatt.

It is the key to building leaders in green energy.

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