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Defence Spending Will Have to Be Increased to Contain a Resurgent Russia

The announcement that another £500 million is to be saved this year from the UK’s defence budget has raised fresh question marks over whether Britain will meet its pledge to spend two per cent of GDP on defence. It’s an embarrassment for David Cameron because only last year he called on fellow NATO leaders to join Britain in meeting the goal – something only three other countries out of the 29 members were achieving. Read more.

Don’t teach entrepreneurship in schools – let us take our own risks

As George Osborne prepares for next month’s Budget, he will already have told his speechwriters to provide a strong section on supporting entrepreneurship. The Conservatives made strong play throughout the election campaign of the importance of startups for the country’s future.  David Cameron went so far as to say it was the willingness of entrepreneurs to take risks which “pumped” him up in his fight to remain in Downing Street. Read more.