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How to invest in an increasingly uncertain world

2014 will be remembered as a year of unpredictable crises on the world stage fuelling an atmosphere of profound uncertainty in the financial markets.

The global political situation was volatile and contentious. The outbreak of Ebola and the mobilisation of ISIS shocked many, but more surprising was the slow response of Western governments to contain them. Governments in particular failed to understand how ISIS could use social media to attract recruits, raise finance, organise itself and fight a very different war to anything we have seen before. ISIS’ recent capture of a Jordanian pilot  is a tragic event and a government’s worst nightmare. In contrast, for fundamentalists capture or death represents martyrdom and glory rather than defeat. The psychological advantage that groups like Isis have is profound and to defeat them moderate Muslim governments and the West will need to be far more ready to accept the human costs of war. Indeed, the threat from Islamic State militants is considered by many to pose the biggest threat to the West since the Soviet Union. Read more.

2015 resolutions: Ten pledges to put Britain back on a sustainable footing

It’s that time of the year when, having over-indulged over the holiday period, we promise to do better over the next 12 months. Our political leaders have over-indulged for a good deal longer than just a few days, and we can see the cost in the state of the public finances and falling standards of living for most people. So here are a few New Year’s Resolutions which, if they made it into the party manifestos for the coming election, would leave us all feeling healthier. Read more.