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A letter from Guy Hands

The following letter is from Guy Hands about our article “Last hurrah”, which appeared in the December 6th issue:

SIR – You questioned whether the interests of a private-equity (PE) house and its investors in a fund it manages can be meaningfully aligned when the PE house will receive no carry at the end of a fund’s life (“Last hurrah”, December 6th). In this scenario, you argued the PE house will focus on management fees rather than on maximising returns for investors. Read more.

UK energy policy is driven by populism and prejudice: Consumers pay the price

I can imagine ministers’ horror when they read front-page stories earlier this autumn that the UK could suffer blackouts this winter. The speed with which National Grid promised that generating capacity would meet demand, no matter how low temperatures fall, shows how deep are memories of the political damage caused by the three-day week in the 1970s.

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