Successful and sustainable businesses require robust governance

Terra Firma is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and we have a well-established and effective corporate governance framework.

Investment Committee

TFCPL's Investment Committee evaluates investment, divestment and refinancing proposals. It provides feedback to transaction teams and determines whether a proposal is suitable for submission to the General Partner for approval. Its members are Justin King, Andrew Géczy, Dominic Spiri, Paul Spillane and, when required, other Managing Directors. 

Operating Committee

The Operating Committee reviews TFCPL’s operations related to deal- and non-deal-related activity. It is chaired by Andrew Géczy and its members are Dominic Spiri, Paul Spillane and other Managing Directors.

General Partner

Each of Terra Firma’s funds is managed by a General Partner, which is responsible for all investment, divestment and portfolio management decisions and approvals.

On the board of each General Partner, Guy Hands sits as an Executive Director and Tim Pryce, Glen Broadhurst, Fred Hervouet, John Stares and Iain Stokes sit as Non-Executive Directors.

Jolyon Smith (Legal Counsel)