Terra Firma considers the environmental and social issues surrounding its investments

We have been a carbon neutral business since 2012, carefully measuring our carbon footprint and offsetting emissions through projects which bring both environmental and social benefits. Terra Firma’s own environmental impact is relatively small, but we recognise that we set an example to our businesses and to our industry.

Our 2015 emissions were equivalent to 2,250 tonnes of CO2, approximately 25 per cent lower than in 2014, mainly as a result of lower travel-related emissions. An element of our carbon footprint was offset at the point of purchase, leaving 2,076 tonnes of CO2 equivalent which we offset by purchasing carbon credits in the voluntary market. In offsetting our 2015 emissions, we invested in three certified projects: a programme supporting low smoke cook stoves in Sudan, and wind and small-scale hydro power generation schemes in Turkey with strong social credentials.

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Jack Mervis (Associate Director) 

"Far from removing the urgency for private equity to work better with the wider community, the credit crunch has increased the need for us to work with the world at large and provide value to all stakeholders"

Guy Hands, Paris Super Investor Conference