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    David Hobbs

David Hobbs

Managing Director

David joined Terra Firma in 2016 with more than three decades of experience covering strategy, hands-on operations, business transformation and consulting roles. Prior to joining Terra Firma he spent 13 years at Tesco, most recently as Group Strategy and Business Planning Director on the Group Executive Committee. During his time with Tesco he was COO for its Chinese and Malaysian businesses, on the UK Board as Business Planning Director, and held various internal consulting roles in the UK and internationally.

His roles included the development of the Tesco Operating Model, the best-in-class processes, systems and structures used to run the business around the world, implementation of a modern supply chain in Malaysia, and the creation of the convenience format in China.

He began his career as a consultant at Cap Gemini where he worked across a broad range of industries in Europe and Southern Africa, as well as leading the analysis team. This work ranged from implementing operational improvements in a vitamin factory in Scotland, to a transformational plan for an Irish brewery, to the in-store branch strategy for a South African bank.

David holds an MBA from the Booth School of Management at University of Chicago and a BA from the University of Sheffield.

In his spare time David enjoys watching the Saracens rugby team win and spending time with his family. He is married with two children.