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13 June 2013

Terra Firma named 2013 Private Equity Investor of the Year >£50m by HealthInvestor

Terra Firma has been named 2013 Private Equity Investor of the Year >£50m by HealthInvestor for its acquisition of Four Seasons Health Care in 2012.

This award recognises that Terra Firma’s acquisition of Four Seasons, the UK’s leading independent health care provider, was a landmark deal for the care home industry. Terra Firma saw an opportunity to acquire an undervalued asset in an essential and growing market, and in the year since the acquisition has begun a fundamental transformation of the business to reinforce its role as a leader in the health care industry.

Commenting on the award, Guy Hands, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Terra Firma, said:

“We are very pleased to have won this award. It is a wonderful recognition of our growing presence in the health care sector as we build upon Four Seasons’ market-leading position to transform it into a best-in-class care provider.

“As the UK undergoes significant demographic change, the provision of care poses large medical and financial demands on society. Independent providers have a very important role to play in meeting this challenge, and as a private equity firm Terra Firma is able to take the long-term view necessary to develop a successful strategy. We are focused on making Four Seasons a leader in its industry by focusing on the provision of the highest quality care.”

Four Seasons was also recognised by HealthInvestor with their 2013 Residential Care Provider of the Year award.

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