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09 February 2015

Terra Firma has one billion euros of equity available for deals

Terra Firma, the leading European private equity firm, has announced that it has committed capital of one billion Euros of equity to deploy into new deals.

“We are coming off the most successful period in our history in terms of money returned to our investors and profits made for them", said Guy Hands, Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Terra Firma. "With transactions like Deutsche Annington, we have returned more than six billion Euros to our investors over the last three years and produced cash profits for them in excess of four billion Euros. Based on the capital returned and the profits made we are delighted to announce that we have committed discretionary capital available for new transactions.

"With this capital, Terra Firma will be able to invest across a broader spectrum of opportunities, and allow us to be more entrepreneurial and opportunistic about the way in which we invest.

“We are very much looking forward to finding new deals to deploy this capital and working with our investors,” added Mr Hands. “We will still focus on asset-backed businesses that require change, as we always have, but by being creative and imaginative we hope to find a wider range of potential opportunities.”

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