Our Culture

We challenge accepted views

We have a distinct way of working which embodies:

Creativity: We encourage our people to challenge perceived wisdom and established market views. We actively promote an entrepreneurial environment.

Tenacity: Transforming businesses requires determination and commitment, particularly when challenging the accepted way of doing things. It requires us to set ambitious targets for ourselves and for our portfolio businesses, and to see through short term cycles.

Transparency: We have a culture of open communication. This improves the quality of our decision-making and the effectiveness of our teams. It is also essential in order that all our stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, suppliers, unions, governments and trade bodies understand our objectives, plans and results, and how our activities and businesses contribute to the wider community.  

Teamwork: We have flat and flexible teams because we believe that to create value, everyone’s contribution should be sought directly and their opinions and ideas considered without being filtered. We like the challenge and rigour this brings to the decision-making process. Terra Firma gives people the opportunity to develop their roles as quickly as their ability allows.

David Browne (Managing Director) and Vivek Ahuja (Group CFO & COO)

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"

Henry Miller