Transforming businesses


We create value by building better businesses. Transforming and improving  the businesses we acquire is at the heart of what we do. We continuously review strategy  for each of our businesses and we constantly seek better ways to do things and new ways for our businesses to operate. This entrepreneurial approach drives our distinct way of working which has been developed and refined over more than twenty years of investing in, and operating, businesses.

Multi-disciplinary teams

We draw from a range of skill sets to identify, transform and realise value in our portfolio businesses: such as transaction skills; strategic and operational skills; and in-house legal, tax and structuring skills. 

Our portfolio business

Our transaction skills enable us to identify possible strategies, acquisitions, refinancings and exit opportunities. 

Our  strategic and operational skills enable us to identify new strategies and initiatives during the evaluation of a potential new investment and then lead improvement programmes for strategic and operational change, providing project secondees and, where necessary, playing the role of interim executive management. These skills reside principally in Terra Firma’s operational professionals. Collectively, they have deep leadership, managerial and financial experience in running businesses and divisions of large companies.  

Our legal, tax and structuring skills enable us to handle complex transactions quickly and effectively. Having these professionals enables the firm to execute highly intricate deals, and assess and resolve regulatory, contractual, tax and legal risks efficiently.  

Constant involvement

Throughout the course of our investments, our in-house specialists work together with our management teams to maximise the long-term value of our portfolio businesses. 

Our involvement is most intense immediately after a business is bought. We work alongside management teams to refine and implement the immediate improvement plans and to develop project plans for the longer term initiatives.  

We support management, monitoring improvements and performance and provide strategic input when required.  

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Guy Hands (Chairman and CIO), Justin King (Vice Chairman & Senior Adviser)