About us

Terra Firma is one of Europe’s leading private equity firms

Raising long-term capital from a wide range of investors gives us the time we need to transform businesses and create value for our stakeholders. 

We invest in asset-rich businesses that require fundamental change. This has led us to invest in five areas – Transformational Private Equity, Support Capital, Operational Secondaries, Operational Real Estate and Infrastructure 'Plus'.

We are long-term investors who build sustainable businesses by investing time, money and expertise. Through transforming the strategy, operations, finances and management of our businesses, we make them best-in-class and create value. 

Since 1994, Terra Firma has invested €18 billion in 39 businesses with an aggregate enterprise value of over €51 billion.

"An operational approach has always been at the centre of Terra Firma's investment strategy"

Guy Hands


The aggregate enterprise value of Terra Firma's investments is more than €48bn